Help them to continue to learn
Communicate effectively-can’t communicate than we fail
Seek information-coming too fast and all at once
Information evaluation skills
Critical thinking
Learned and learner graduates-content is important and it will change for most

Page 43 –picture sites
The Big Picture variety of topics=30 pictures-science –la prompts

Today’s Meet page 1
Constructive criticism
this makes me think about -- as they watch the video
transcript available – accountability –give it a name –decide how long you want it up.

WallWisher – page 1 –more control – you can approve them before postin them
Bottom of the page

Engagement activities –advanced organizer –thinking hats pgs 9-10
Vocabulary – Word of the day – math probs – focus questions – thought of the day

Write a paragraph. National geographic of the day – as a writing prompt – editorial cartoons
Pages 2-3

Movie trailer – make a concept trailer Photo Story – Voice Thread Example –Toondoo--Internet based publishing –upload your own images – quick and fast

Page 54 PhotoStory-down load and install on Windows –ken burns effect –text -- built in music –quick and fast tool

6 word story using voice thread

sources for Engagement p. 4- Daily Dose of the Internet
a Word a day –
New york Times – 6 Q’s of the News
Picks a different story

visit real castle – Warwick Castle –virtual trip.

Projects –Field Museum 67 and 68 page –pre field trip experience
Pages 134-35 Arounder – European locations and destinations - Greece

virtual museums
Google Maps & Earth

Page 32 Using auto summarize MS Word

Page 36 Create quiz with excel

Tux paint page 58 – last address --
Free drawing program….build animations

Awesome highlighter page 58
Type in a URL and begin highlighting. Highlight text and then send the URL to students.

Did you know shift --

Build your wild self pg. 58 –

Internet Scout Report pages 114 to 115
Surf report for younger kids – monthly
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators site.
Internet public library

New tools

Page 117
The white board blog --

Technology tips --

115 Watch Know --
go in subject wise

page 15 role of student changed.

Page 16 essential questions especially for project based learning
Color coding questions spreadsheet created and fill out as they search websites.
Page 17 search hints and tips

Creative commons search

Google vs. BING searches them side-by-side.

Page 18 last half. Have to have a Google account. Log in give custom search a name – copy paste the websites. You are limiting the search sites – limited version for free
It will only search the search term from the sites you place

Intellectual property –
Interactive copyright mystery
Copyright and You
Copyright Crash Course

Page 79-80 Ask an Expert

Page 82 Mysteries from History Idea

Page 83

Stop Cyberbullying Now

Info Eval pages 21, 28-29 Photo Analysis

picture manipulation

news map page 28 //

cool infographics page 28
info graphic by Kathy Schrock

Assessment Options pages 59-64
Web 2.0 assessment rubrics
Page 62 self assessment Exit slip

Word problems for kids page 123

Content evaluation pages 22-23 --- page 27 bogus websites.


Link domain: for others besides google

Long Term Projects page 102
Grading Period 1 -- Hotlist pages 103 to 106
Grading Period 2 – Scavenger Hunt pges 107-110
Grading Period 3 – Bibliography of Webquests, videos, podcasts
Grading Period 4 – Final project pages 111-113

Flickr pictures to do math –angles or places you are going to begin studying

Page 40 ideas for using Flickr
2 features: 1. Description feature 2. Notes feature-they pop up –can make a quiz or math problem. Go to Actions and add a note and move it to where you want it. Share it. Need a flickr account in order to do this.

Digital image toys page 41
Page 47 Big Huge Labs –motivation poster

Tuxi page 41 Photo Effect Tool wanted poster
Photovisi page 42

Page 44 Podcasts
Educational Podcast Network

Google Lit trip

Google map mania blog
Page 45 visualize the impact of the rising sea level at this site.

Mobile Learning Tools page 46
Poll Everywhere pages 48 free and subscription option—can also use a URL – they give you a number when you set up your polls and your response codes.
50$ to track by students to see how they are doing.

QR Codes page 47
iTouches, iPads, Cell phones

Vocaroo page 49
Quick way to podcast
Can embed it or save it as an mp3 file.

Voki –can make a talking avatar

Wordle page 50 advanced features
Tagcrowd use Safari
Many eyes

Digital Story Creation Tools 52-54
Photo Peach page 52

Twitter professional development
The Civil War
Professional development follow troutner or Kathy schrock

Curriculum Sites
Page 118 The Encyclopedia Mythica
Page 119 365 pictures
Perdue writing lab online---can contact someone for help
Page 120 Writing prompts-----60 Second Recap
Page 121 National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Mathematics

Using Google Earth for Math

Page 122
Page 123 word probs for kids
Page 123 future channel

Page 124 QR code periodic table
Page 125 The Why files----Period tables of videos

Page 126 20 Things You didn’t know
History Wired page 127
Page 128 presidential campaign commercials –who they have changed
Cyber Newseum page 128

Page 129 Oregon Trail & Census Scope demographic data –for math too

Millennium Stage page 131 – free performances at Kennedy center

Page 133 World Languages
Learning chocolate –videos to help children learn