Opening Session Steve Dembo's presentation on story telling.

His Web 2.0 Tools:

Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom -Lecture Notes

Melissa Rosen
Web2.0 Tools for the Classroom-Lecture Notes

Cool tools for Schools

For Organization:

LiveBinders-The Knowledge Sharing Place


Temporary Emails:

protect yourself from SPAM disposable emails.

10 minute email


Guerrilla Mail

Quizzes –Vocab and Foreign Language


Word Stash

Study Blue

Vocab Ahead


Quick Maps
can create your own map when teaching a specific location

Interactive Website for Projects



Create stunning video slideshows
Turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video masterpieces to share with everyone. Fast, free, and shockingly easy!

Museum Box-great for Social Studies

Terra Clues
TerraClues is the ultimate Google Maps scavenger hunt game!
  • Follow clues to find hidden locations on the map
  • Create your own hunts for others to play
  • A fun game that makes you think!

Bookmarking for collaboration

Graphing for Kids

ART/Photo Manipulation

Sumo Paint –Online Image Editor

Pixenate is the photo editor of choice for photo printing and photo sharing businesses.

Poll Everyone
Story Book Adventures in PBL- Michael J. Gorman
Wikispace page:

PBL World -

On his blog:
PBL Maia-The Land of PBL

8 elements of PBL:

Significant content-core curriculum
21st century skills-should be a part of it.
Critical thinking


Good driving questions-engages students

Need to know--Relevancy

Voice and Choice in what they do-owner ship

Revision and Reflection-metacognitive –peer critique

Public Audience-connection outside of the classroom

--PBL should be teaching the content
--Education is life
--Piaget –creating men and women capable of doing new things –not repeating other generations’ work

--Difference: tech progressed- age of innovation
Bloom-knowledge up to evaluation
Revised Bloom-action based –freedom to move between action verbs.

Knowledge and thinking joined.


BIE –Buck Institute
examples, most info free, research, FreeBIEs, Tubrics-helps with coming up with essential questions
Project teaching and learning guide form
Project planning form-project overview---Can plan project online, collaborate with other teachers.
Free account- non-profit
Can search 100s of projects

Teach21 –Global 21
will pull up different projects for you

Labeled by subject matter
Good science projects

PBL Online
Video library

Edutopia-have a PBL area

4Teachers PBL

West Ed Regional Tech consortium

Intel : Projects Approaches

New Tech high school New Tech Network

Global Schoolhouse-harnessing the power of the web
Collaborative project based learning-using web to link up with other schools

Digital Collaboration-Resources
Google Docs
Microsoft Live
TitanPad- create a pad and then share it. Share the number with the class. Everyone can contribute. Public pad-personal stuff should stay out

Will You Type With Me-
It creates a Wordle after the collaboration-need to put a space after it otherwise Wordle doesn’t look right

Like wallwisher- free
Students have to type your url to add to it.

Today Meet-online chat- TodaysMeet
Lets you create a chat room-can save transcript –can have it end by the end of the day
ideas: role playing –be the author or the historical figure and start a chat

Edmodo- Facebook like look-fairly secure-discussions and chats-you have control-can join other communities-can join discover

classroom management
create classes-collaborate with peers-create lockers to save work
Lightspeed makes it more powerful-can see what students delete and add.
Suspicious activity will show you bad language like killing would show up and tell you where it came from. It is monitored.
Don’t have Lightspeed then Premium version is free

ePals- connect classroom with other classrooms
Have projects too
Lessons have essential questions, objectives etc.
Have student emails –school safe

find info on countries. Collaboration section. Projects-can work with other classes-can put announcements to see if others will join-gallery of projects
community connecting with other communities
Sign up for an account-free service from PBS. NOVA and other PBS shows align with content
Browse by standards-short clips-

KhanAcademy-Watch has videos –Practice –doing math problems

Inverting classroom

Survey Monkey-kids surveys
Google Forms
Socrative watch their videos-engage the class using any device-have them answer what they learned today or what questions do they still have before exiting class

Set up class with a custom code-send them a message
No one sees the phone numbers
They get a message and tells them how to get your information
QR Codes in Every Classroom
Cynthia Karabush –

Cathy Baker Elmhurst district 205 taught her

What is QR code? --Mobile bookmark- to a web link, phone number, text messages, videos.

Stores long web addresses more son than your regular bar code.

Getting information off the Internet becomes easier and safer-it take students directly to the link you want them to go to-avoids unnecessary distraction

It is free – takes 5 seconds

i-nigma helps you to create a QR code. Let’s you put a
you input the questions and generates the QR code for each question

Neo Reader-tracks the codes –shows students spent time answering the questions

To read QR codes –you need a reader – Internet access

PC’s need a webcam to capture the image

Smart phones can read them too

Creating QR codes: ---qrstuff –colorful QR Codes