iPod Touch and iPhone Applications Sessions
APPShopper-released by date
- better organized
Sai Suke –calendar 9.99
Evernote-notes synchronized-if you take nots on other devices can scan in paper –Free
Jot Not Scanner Pro-OCR on the text- receipts
Sound Paper- records notes
iPad User-SoundNote -4.99
allows you to take notes
Records whatever you are saying or what is goin on in the room
Can export to email or as a pdf
Remember the milk-RTM
Makes lists for you –to do lists
DropBox- File synchronizing-Free 2GB
5.99 for more capability
DropBox folder created and then place docs in it
app based too
Facebook owns your photo so do not post pics on it.
Smugmug.com-photo sharing-has non profit-can sell your photos too
Blossom-smugbug brower
UStream.TV-free –can watch, record, watch later or Live stream
WhistlePhone-non phone device –can sign up for a number-someone calls you and that non phone device will ring. You can also make calls now-sends push notification
HeyTell- iOS device-Free-works like a CB-good for when you are with other people and cannot find them
Language Translation
Bableshot-picture of language-tells which language it is
Jibbigo-English translates into Spanish
WorldLens-cool-$10.00-each pack-free version only reverses the word. Show the device a picture of the foreign language sign and it will show you the translation of it.
GoogleTranslate-Free- speak in and then it speaks out
Loopt-map-keep track of friends.
Foursquare-map-check in services.
Gowalla-like foursquare-
POI –mapping .99
Offmaps 1.99 preload maps
You are on their cellular
Sportacular Pro-sports-pick a game and then it will stalk you with everything about it. Does fantasy games too
YELP!-restaurants where you are
FastFood Premium-nutritional info also about fast foods .99
ViperSmart-can start car
USAA Bank-deposit checks with a picture of check
Proloquo2Go-special education-speech and learning disability
StarWalk-look up in sky will tell you what is going on up there-tells you what is around you and it will give you info on what you tap on.
iStudiezPro-lets you put your lesson plans in a calendar. For students to be organized.
NewsRack-4.99 –subscribe finds all RSS feeds on any topic like education. Can share them too
GoodReader -.99 cents-lets you hook up with Google books etc.
Magazines: US Today, TIME, PEOPLE
FlipBoard –all contacts displayed -Twitter/facebook in a magazine format.
Education APPS
Ocarina .99- iPhone to PanFlute- blow into it and it makes music like a flute
AudioBoo- record an audio for free
ABC Animals-flashcards to learn .99
Wheels on the Bus -1.99
Story Kit-free-write stores –create books
Dragon Dictation-free speak and turn into text
Mitosis –science app for free
Flash Card Touch-free
School Budy
Roller Coaster-Physics –free
iReward-for teachers-can track kids behavior
BrainPop-free movie and quiz
Schoology-Social networking in classrooms
HMH Fuse-algebra
Web 2.0 Tools you may not know about Session:
Current facebook feed displayed
TweetDeck- organize your twitter accounts
Cover it Live-create rooms where you can communicate-they can type a question, ignore it, answer privately, or answer it with everyone. Rooms stay forever.
TypeWith Me-public document-everyone can work on the same doc and can chat. Eatherpad is being used by many businesses. There is one for teachers. For free
Reminders are sent to you. You record it. $5.00 for ten minutes
Weebly-education account
Google Art Project.com- looks at different museums-take a look inside the museums –virtual tools
Artwork in the room-info on artist-
Google Voice-provides you with a phone number. Run by Google. Will transcribe voicemail. Does text messaging. (Google Voice Number)
Google Car catches Bad-what the Google car sees-funny
Google’s city tours-best driving and walking routes.
Twitter Goodies-Widgets (websites)
Wiggio-wiggio.com-based on groups-group email, text and voice-like Google docs.
Poll Everywhere- www.polleverywhere.com - instant audience feedback. Ask open eneded questions. Only 30 people for free poll. Can put into wordle.
Kaywa.com- 2D barcode reader. Will take web page and customize it for the mobile device the person is uding
Want to make a barcode---grcode.kaywa.com
Multimedia Session
Differentiation starts with prior knowledge. Begin there.
Gadgets Session
Mozy http://mozy.com/
Back up your files.
Orbicule- 49$ protects your Mac computer
Affordable clip art and photos
Nova Development Art Explosion 750,000
www.clipart.com offers mainly royalty free clip art for a price
Can purchase by the week, month of year
12.95 and up
Affordable Photos
www.istockphoto.com - 15% off coupon
media release signed in order to publish the picture
Sony Cybershot HX5V 10.2 megapixel, 10px $249
10 shots per second sports mode
HDR merge-changes the exposures
Sony NEX 3
8 or 10 camera cards are the best for camera media- 6 is low
EyeTV Hybrid- now for PCs. Offers subscription for tv guide.
Sling media-becomes a media hub when connected via Ethernet.
$199 to 299.00
iPhone app available.
HULU- www.hulu.com
Commercial sponsored streaming of many TV channels, cable ad studio networks.
Boxee: social media center-access media from the web and your CPU in on central interface.
Swype- swipe over the keyboard to type-one continuous motion to enter text. www.swypeinc.com
iPad Microscope- $429 wifi connection
IPEVO document camera-very lightweight. Resolution not so great. New one better. Portable.
Lumens Ladibug-camera.
www.solio.com -solar chargeable. Uses the sun to charge.
Livescribe pen-has an audio source, recording and film source on it.
www.despair.com motivational posters for home and office-funny
Sweet Search-kids search engine 6th and up
Google Docs Documents-turn in work
WolframAlpha- solves math problems and give unique info on the search words typed in.
EasyBib- free for your school-Notebook feature-make notes and create an outline for the notes.
iMuscle- popup exercise for the muscles and how it works. –Free
DropCopy- for Mac. It puts a black hole on your desktop. Drag any file from one machine to another. If other machine is on your network, the black hole will drop the file on your other machine.
Puppet Pals- iTouch/iPad –choose characters, backgrounds to be in your show. Press record and you can make a story by recording your voices. It will play back your voices and your movements of the character.
NoodleTools –high school level- projects are all on one page for teacher. Projects are shared with the teacher. They can send bibs, projects, and Google Docs. .50cents per child. Can check up on child to see how long they have been working online on their projects.
Quizlet- matching games.-free-best way to learn vocab and language
Doodle- free- create through a form- you can email it to others and they can meet at a particular time.
Carrotstick.com- math games where they can challenge each other-small fee-level gets difficult. Sign up for educator and you get it for free.
Scavenger app- create a scavenger hunt- a truck -4 different type of questions you can insert. You can get points. Create challenges. Great for trips so kids are engaged.
Studentpublishing.com- can publish student work and make books. Each child creates a 12 page book. Drawing tools included. $15 for hard copy. $9 soft cover copy. Flat fee. Can draw pictures on paper too.
Resources and Tools on WolframAlpha. Make your own widget or go through a gallery and place it on your website
iPad –Sky Watch –has info tab –go to planets or stars or constellations. Stories about it.
Lifehacker- how to live life better-click on the flame button- posts tell you how to’s.
Shopsavvy –hold it up to your bar code and it will tell you where to buy it cheaper.
Voki- for education – create talking avatars or use templates. Type in what you want the avatar to say. Free. It follows the mouse.
Project Gutenberg.org- Free 33,000 eBooks available. Web based app. Download it to several readers or read them online.
Prezi- online presentation- Educator accounts. Can play youtube video links in it and it plays it.
Zagg.com - zaggspark- charged for 4 hours. Can charge anything.
Zaggspark earbuds