Make sure to practice keyboarding for 5 minutes everyday.

You should use the correct hand positions and posture positions.

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A History of Typing and the Evolution of the American Keyboard -by Janelle Sullivan

Computer Keyboarding Resources by Anna Bauman

Keyboarding Online by Ellsworth Publishing Co.

Nitro Racing

YesAccessible! For visually impaired and blind

Dance Matt Typing

Fun to Type | Clockwords- Act 1 Free Typing Game

Typing Web-Learn to Type

Typing WEB

GS Typing Tutor-Typing Lessons and Tutor

TypingMaster |

Keyboard Revolution -Dancing Duck

Typing Challenge

Typing Adventure

Speedy Speller

Typing Tutor, Typing Test and Typing Games at -Must pop words

Typing with Yasmin

Typing with Dwayne

Typing with Carmen

Typing with Booker

Desert Typing Racer

Martian City Defender

Type Master

Nitro Type

Typeracer-The global Typing Competition

For Younger Students:

easy typing games

Keyboarding games for kids

Learn to Type Games

Free Mouse Exercises from (PDF Solutions)-Recommended by Ms Lee's Students

Spider Typer


Keyboarding Practice

Touch Typing (Typing Tutorial Lessons)


Krazy Keys


TIE-P Fighter Star Wars Game

Football Typing


Alphabetical Rain

Outer Space Fleet Command

The Frogs are Off Their Diet

Learn the Keys

Type Online

Meteor Typing Blast

Typing Fast

Word Word


Keyboard Ninja

Keyboarding Training Module

Keyboard Climber

Type Toss

Keyboarding Training Module


Tux 4 Kids

Only Typing Games

Aunt Lee Typing Words

Aunt Lee Typing Letters (for younger students)

Cup Stacking

Arachnid Falls

Typing of the Ghost

Key Man Typing Game and Bubble

Typing Game

Space Invaders

Save the Sale Boats


Alpha Attack

Longfellow MS Keyboarding Sites

Free Online Typing Course (Try it without registering)


Typing Practice

Computer Circus

Keyboarding games for kids

Money (keyboarding)

Keyboarding Online Lessons

Keyboarding Games

Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor (Typing Tutor for beginners)


Typing Pal Online Try for Free

The Typing Playground


[[keyboarding|Practicing Sites]]

TextTwist or TextTwist2



Funschool Type ME

Al Bunny's Typing Class


Proper Keyboarding Posture

Free Typing Games

Typing Tutorial

Touch Typing Program

Typing Speed Test

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