external image xcw19DCaBqUaMHf9Miktg2iWArPUT2jMTIt7MTbn3zzuWavOtS8Jc1UA6eaJxWOQndL5VbE5KM54BG34yL8ag97hGgs1T9kKN54JzajBsQ2eLatxvDZ4qRhYu_AfsokVideo ProductionDigital Movie Making & Digital Storytelling
Learning Target: I can create, develop and produce a movie using multimedia


Use the Learning Launchers for Video Production to help make your movie.
Cinema 4D on computer P5 S1

iMovie 11 Tutorials:

iMovie for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCq2ncg7Mqg
iMovie for beginners part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDUGCzvlgl8
iMovie for beginners part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SXaEL5d4q4

iMovie Advanced tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQlZTaFzRj8

You are welcome to find some on your own or use the HELP menu in iMovie.

Project Suggestion:
1. Figure out a topic
2. Research the topic and list 20 facts you want to present using a Google Doc to list them. Make sure to list the URL's (websites you use to give credit)
3. Begin to find pictures to represent the facts you listed. Make sure to use larger pictures by clicking on the thumbnails and viewing the picture. Drag the picture into iPhoto's icon and keep collecting your images in iPhoto. iPhoto is synced with iMovie. Collect the URL's (web addresses) of the pictures to give credit.
4. After the pictures, find an instrumental song to download. Make sure to copy & paste the URL on your Google doc to give credit. Use YouTube mp3 (
http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ ) to download the song. The song will download to your Downloads folder and will be uploaded to iTunes. iTunes is also synced to iMovie
5. Then if you were not able to film or get live footage of your topic, borrow a video from YouTube. You will only use less than a minute but need to download the whole video. Use: KeepVid: (
http://keepvid.com/ ).
6. Go to iMovie and go to File -New Project. Select a theme or a movie trailer. CREATE.

Google Story Builder

__Digtial Video Samples__

__Classroom 2.0__
__Advanced iMovie Techniques__

__Creating Templates in iMovie__
__The Life of a Monarch Butterfly__

__Monarch Butterfly__
__My Timeline__
__We Didn't Start The Fire__

__Another Version of We Didn’t Start the Fire__

__We Didn’t Start the Fire Resources__
__Story Problems__
__Geometry in Town!__

external image XCte3P8P0WC4oDcojn56omDq3xxP-LT1rpaJdZYIp_oVUq0Q_7dp4uIaturNA76Rgbz_njwQ9xCcZ8_6PtkhcqdLuoGTL6PdtpPsXngFmaMogE5NGnrb_VK1WoHd1eU
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__Digital Storytelling__

__Digital Storytelling in the Classroom__
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__Apple: History Alive, Americans Favorite VODcast__

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__Celebrating Our Heros__

__Human Rights iMovies__

__Martin Luther King iMovie__
__Eisenhower Digital Video Links__
__Matters of the movie making mind__

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Digital StoryTelling
__What is digital storytelling__

__What is digital storytelling__ by digistories
__Educational Uses of Dgital Storytelling__

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__Atomic Learning Storyboard Pro__

__Storytelling Evolved: 18 Ideas__

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