Project Based Learning Edutopia

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Name and URL of resource for teaching students about PBL:
  1. Biz/ed Guide for Students - Problem Based Learning ( This is a good site for me to use with my students. It is written to help students understand the concept and plan of problem based learning. I can use this resource to help my students understand the concept of problem-based learning before they actually begin one on their own.
  2. Study Guides and Strategies – Problem Based Learning ( This site is also written for the student. It helps students understand the concept of problem based learning and then goes step-by-step to help them through the process of concluding a problem-based project. I can use this as a guide as we go through a practice project before students actually go through one themselves.
Name and URL of resources and online tools for developing and implementing
PBL activities:

  1. Problem-based Learning Activities ( I would use this website to help me create problem based learning projects. This website offers templates and step-by-step instructions on how to create a WebQuest, for example. It will help me to make sure all components necessary for students to be successful in a problem based learning are included. It defines the different types of projects and then helps you to create one of your own. It also provides some examples via subject matter. If I decide to have kids create their own projects, this would be a great resource for them as well.
  2. Project Based Learning | BIE ( This site is a great resource for educators since it has a forum section on the page and a tweeter section. If I wanted to discuss any issue pertaining to PBL, I have a gateway to others right on this page. This site goes in depth with everything that pertains to making and creating PBL activities and the philosophy behind it. It explains the 21st century skills that are also covered in this type of activity. Great resource for educators to refer to when designing PBL. I could use this for students as well.
  3. 10 Steps to Help You Create a PBL ( This website lists ten steps to help educators develop a lesson using PBL. It provides a lesson-planning template and helps to make sure that all necessary steps are included. I would use this site to help me create more efficient activities to help students know exactly what their goal was in the lesson.
Name and URL for projects or project ideas:
  1. WebWIZARD – LibGuides at Bowling Green State University ( This site lists activities to use by describing a problem. It also has a list of extra modules that students would need to be successful at researching like how to decide which to use a database or search engine or how to evaluate websites. Great resource and tool to use with students to review researching skills online. It offers students a self-test to help them decide if they are good researchers.

  1. BIE Project Based Learning For 21st Century ( This website lists project ideas for all curricular areas. It also provides guidance on creating your own. It helps you to design a meaningful and effective project where students learn significant content and build 21st century skills. As an educator, I can decide to use a project the website has listed or I can create my own original problem to use with my students.


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