Learning Target: I can use sound engineering skills to speak and communicate using a medium for computer or mobile devices like GarageBand.

Podcasting Project:

Use this document to help guide you through the steps in creating your very own podcast:

A podcast is a series of audio or video digital files which are distributed over the Internet.

You may do one of two things or you may come up with your own idea for a podcast and present it to me for approval.

1. Create your own radio show. For this project, you will write, design and record one of your show's episodes.

2. Create an old time radio broadcast with sound effects-Begin by researching Old Time Radio:

2. Tell us about your favorite vacation using your own digital photos

Here is a rubric to help guide you. You can create your own rubric as well.

Use these jobaids to help you create your podcast.

Don't forget to visit the discussion tab and convey your thoughts.

Audacity is great for Windows machines.

Sound File Resources