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What are study skills?

Study skills or learning skills are processes for lifelong learning. These practical skills include organizational tools, time management techniques, test preparation and test-taking strategies, note-taking guidance and/or personal responsibility tips.

How do study skills support learning?

Good study skills are important for success in school, to foster feelings of competence, to develop positive attitudes toward school/work, and to help students realize they can exercise control over how well they do in school and in life. Good study habits lay the groundwork for successful work habits as an adult.


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Textbooks offer clues that identify important information

Your textbook may have different size or colored fonts, side-bars, figures, etc. included in the chapter(s).
Use active reading strategies when reading textbooks. For example:
  • Review the chapter and section headings and convert them to questions. For example, the header, "Causes of World War I" might be changed to "What are the causes of World War I?"
  • Review the words, phrases, and sentences that appear in bold type to denote their importance.
  • Study the pictures and tables.
  • Look at the sidebar information.
  • Review and answer the questions at the end of each chapter.
Use colored highlighters or Post-it notes to flag important information in textbooks and class notes. This will help him review the material more efficiently. (Taken from:

Preparation for TESTS

Knowing what to study

In order to know what will be on the test, Make sure to:

  • check in with the teacher about the content of the test
  • check if there is a study guide or practice test
  • check if the teacher has scheduled a review session for students you can attend
  • have a plan for studying
The teacher may offer clues about important details to focus on when studying for a test.
Phrases teachers might use to signal importance include:
  • "Write this down"
  • "Let me summarize"
  • "Let me say it again"
  • "This is important"
  • "I'll write this on the board"
  • "Remember… "