Coding / Programming Resources

Learning Target:
I can create my own webpage using HTML coding.
I can program an object to move.

Use the resource that best fits your needs to learn coding. Share what you have learned in your e-Portfolio

Watch this video:

-Book to help you with coding using Pyhon. By Bryson Payne

2 More books to help with Scratch:

Begin by watching the movie and going on these two sites:
BrainPop-Coding -Get login info from Mrs. R
BrainPop- Blocky: Maze

What is Coding

Minecraft in Education #HourofCode


Turtle Blocks Jr.

12 Suggestions for Teaching Coding by Tech&Learning

Greenfoot (Java)

Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level

Computer Science -Unplugged -Coding without a computer

MIT App Inventor

OSX Automation

AutoHotkey for Windows

Turtle Academy
AgentSheets-learn about computer science by making video games

Alice-teaches event driven object oriented programming -create interactive stories using a modern IDE interface with a drag and drop style of programming.

Baltie- exercise your logical thinking by executing miscellaneous commands on the main character, a little wizard

Blockly - a graphical programming language where users can drag blocks together to build an application-developed by Google

CiMPLE- visual programming language for programming robotic kits

Code Monster from Crunchzilla

E-Slate - create highly dynamic software with rich functionality by non programmers

Laby-small application to learn how to code in various programming languages with ants and spiders (OCaml, Python, Lua, Ruby, C, Java, Prolog and Perl)

Looking Glass- learn computer programming independently through 3D storytelling -similar to storytelling Alice

Physical Etoys -extension of Etoys-it helps kids model and program the real world so they can learn more about it.

Pynguin - Another Python Turtle Graphics Application

Hackety Hack - free Ruby-based environment aiming to make learning programming easy for beginners

Kodable- Introduces fundamentals of programming to kids 5 and up.

Kodu - A language that is simple and entirely icon-based

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Mama - An educational object oriented programming language designed to help start programming

Phrogram - Easy to learn programming language

RoboMind - simple educational programming environment that lets beginners program a robot.

Stagecast Creator - visual programming system based on programming by demonstration

Stencyl- A visual programming system based on programming by demonstration

ToonTalk - programming language and environment that looks like a video game

Arduino -

TurtleAcademy- A logo programming site to teach kids how to program with logo


Girls who Code

Hour of Code


Daisy the Dinosaur- App

Hour of Code Tutorials

Hour of Code -Beyond an Hour

Code School

Made with Code_Google

CS is Fun (resources for older students are included, too)

Code Maven: This interactive tutorial focuses on simple, active coding that yields immediate results for students.

Scratch from MIT

Middle School Computer Science

Computer Science and Math

Code Avengers-websites, apps etc.

YoYo Games



9 places you can learn to code for free