1:1 developing a successful1 to 1 laptop initiative

1 to 1 tablet program

decisions to make

are u doing it because everyone else is doing it.
Educational shift and 21st century learning

changes the way you teach
dedication and preparation time

cant teach in a non one to one environment

what is the purpose

two things
leadership and vision

leadership is key-principal leaders must be behind it

wireless building
building assessment
teacher got tablets
projector and screen

3 years to get all one to one


teachers taught with them first before students had them

professional development ahead of time

lease the tablets to the students

do they 24/7 students have them. School owns them until they graduate
educational software-licensing fees and the better prices for students
acceptable use policy-shakey if they own them
block downloading-got viruses when downloading music

have administrative privileges
some sites blocked
home will be what is set up at home

cause viruses-they re image

self maintainer-tech A+ certification -they repair at site
rolled out one year at a time
following years rolled out till all had them

identifying issues made it easier than the whole school fix

25 students in a classroom-reconfigured access points to meet this requirement

X41 tablet -newer versions now X201 more bells and whistles

lease tablets through a leasing company-their price 250 $ deposit
upgrading money
charge students $40 a month
they have top of the line-with software-protection 2000$
adobe video collection -office package- covered for all 4 years-no fire or theft etc.
covered for everything-screen crack included

covered first time-second time charge

summer tablets kept at school

$175 charge to buy the tablet-no purchase the tablet goes back to the company. Educational software taken off. MS office package is kept on

3 day training session about tablet and how to use the stylus -days before school -3 different days to meet with parents and students to take care of business. -training log in edline -studnet helpers were the kids who attended the classes in the summer- hand them out beginning of august they have time to play with them at home. Freshman and sophomores have them now -teachers have had them before. Teachers and freshman have the latest model. Teachers and students models should match. Stagger the laptops.

Student may get a loner but if it becomes a habit than it is like forgetting your homework or your books. If hard drive not issue than they take the hard drive out and place it in another computer till theirs is fixed.

Students help to get laptops ready for freshman (imaging etc)

server goes down -tech person has to be on the job

technology integration specialist is needed to help teachers. Can train from within.

How we justified having them....cant see the change until everyone has them -no
project RED-comprehensive study 1000 schools that went to one to one
discipline, attendance, where students were engaged with one to one
introduces kids to software to the students
tells teachers what students have learned

MS office was always taught
teaches organization, collaboration together, sharing on the computer
not about subject but how to imply it and find the resources to help answer questions

professional development involved instructional teaching—philosophical -first year
second year-teachers sharing
different ways of teaching and thinking -what are they doing with their kids

help them to learn to get the information
many times kids are giving you the answers and teaching you
ask the kids-they may know or help you find the answers
teachers and students helping each others

down the road- books q- does this mean we do not have to buy books- image books now since interent may be down -option to buy is still available- write your own books- you can put together but need to meet standards. Choose the standard and finds the material to meet the standard. Sometimes you dont use the whole book -this way you set up book with only what you need.

onenote -http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote/

view notes- can see all your notes -can refer back to them

giant trapper keeper.

Student data-stored on hard drive and synced to teachers computer- students have options -have their own server – home directory -save work in a teachers folder on the server – teacher grades it and then saves it in students folder.

Cloud -lose responsibility and ownership
they drag copies of worksheets or handouts-dont print-they save original in their own folder and then one to the teachers folder.

One teacher uses MOODLE- teacher sees everything

batter life-charging stations at lunch time -not plugged in classrooms
have kids charge at home

scribbler -has audio tool

anywhere and anytime learning
long term goal-laptop/netbook computer
improve individual access to technology and information resources in order to teach 21st century literacy skills and extend each students' learning opportunities.
Measurable goals needed
Began with board goals – community involvement-stem goal
goals built around NETS standards for technology

build digital literacy

400,000 $ a year
1100 netbooks deployed to class of 2014
Web based software

has to be netbook
PIV linked to gradebook -helps them to see their
ILP individual learning plan-testing access their own learning plan

IPT internet protocol tv -open
atomic learning

anytime advance system learning ADL

and networking considertion

PCA / Common Assessments

also delivery tool

1100 netbooks to class of 2014

what can we do -look to the web push teachers to the web than to applications that are paid for.

3 main plans
pedagogical support -teacher support-provide support and training-started very early on- 3-level tech 1 survey course intro to tools -teacher exposure to tools -understand what is out there. Tech 2 traditional tech integration -inquiry based leanring-pbs learning- flip learning-open education learning. Different tools to approach different learners
3 out of house training.
3 in house lane advancement available -36 hours of face time-second
hybrid method -3 face to face meetings. Teachers are online instructors-get a netbook -they keep if they complete the course..same as students
5 weeks of instruction -share 3 artifacts – begin to support each other -
positive interplay ongoing support for conferences
cannot teach if you did not take tech 1 -minimum requirement is to have completed tech 1 before teaching
use of tech in the classroom-rewrote the curriculum to include it in the daily classroom

curriculum and assessment integration-projects need to align with NETS-S
atomic learning has a pretest
test before and after using the pretest in atomic learning.
One for students
21st century tech 1 and tech 2
develop an awareness of where they are
prescribes skills you should work on

for a nominal fee
30 days free but need to buy
already designed no need to rebuild.

infrastructure and networking consideration
need infrastructure to support netbooks
bandwidth to support

policies and procedures for security and responsibility

parents offered a third party hardware insurance policy-made parents aware of it – did not promote it.
dell 159.00 flat repair bill
lose -375.00$
new batch 325.$ if they lose it.


controller /
antenna 320s support N – 11 n antenna 500 bucks

cisco -too expensive
need enough entennas move to morut muroot?

Very solid.

Marcelo S.
ICN -skokie district
buy our own 100 meg pipe-usage is up so need to be prepare
Internet based projects -pipe needs to big enough

firewall system- palwalto -ports open doors – it looks at what you have there. Lets you in facebook
and blocks some features of it. Unrestricted access to wireless. Downloading going on -manages bandwidth -phones and other devices will use it up too. Manage uses -firewalls that can control what is going on

free open source -Linux

abandon windows -boon2

legacy applications -no support

pushed them to web 2.0

decreased applications support

keep things in the cloud- zumo drive

makes imaging easy
purchase 10% more as loaners -difficulty -trade out from help desk.

Platform and version doesn't change with the classroom

tech interns -tech leaders program. 6 to 10 students who man the help desk -simple trouble shooting. Intrusting students the technology raises self esteem. 100 hours in leading tech leader gets a netbook.
Contract to sign -they are administrator – what they can do with it-responsibility they have. Have some ownership -

integrating technology into the science classroom
all students have to get an online

what it means to be educated in the 21st century
what does a school look like?


Google doc helps to give back feedback instead of just marking something wrong
enhance retention


building of knowledge = web 2.0
build their own ideas

Phet -online simulations
biophysics and chemics

ed tech program

how does teaching and learning change using these tools?
Dont just tell them right or wrong
lectures on video
camstudio-kids can watch the lectures
in class give them real problems.
Students use each other as resources
homework is done in class and they watch the lectures at home where they can rewind and rewatch.

Work is done in the class -some kids will watch others will not. Students need to practice this type of learning.

Summer class -hybrid class 6 topics of chemistry -went over 6 topics in 6 weeks of summer. Created a deed. Only 12 took class.
Anywhere and anytime learning -can have deadline -hold them accountable.

Creatly -interactive website -need to pay

youtube 10 minutes videos-
the more time they spend on the material the more they learn. Use MOODLE
they have their own server for moodle. Password protected.
Google forms for testing.
IPTV-make your own movies on flash
can split the screen -talking over what is happening on the desktop.

Blue tooth slate 500 dollars can carry it around and it acts like a white board
35 dollars online

camstudio -free one. Need tablet for it
windows journal -puts practice problems on there. Capture regions of your screen save it as flash or quicktime record voice or not. Save as it as mp3 8 or 9 seconds it may cut off.

Flexbook- set up your own text book pull units out.

David Warlick

everyone is a learner
21st century teachers
redefine teachers
must be master learners
how can we go about finding the answer to that question
lifelong learning

native blogging
event code:

twitter tag: hashtag#d219tech

Knitterchat goes into the wiki-he can insert answers to ones that needed him to respond


information abundance
flicker now
creative commons free to use
no limit to what he can accomplish and what they can be
information environment
digital can do stuff with that information
abundant can find answers or person who can
difficult to contain
hyperconnectiveness/ games/social networking

hack it into effective and relevant learning experiences
funbook-PhoneBook-phone knows what page you are on-interactive

Scratch from MIT
download on computer-prog-ramming language
used to write programs -object oriented – drag concept over -connect the tags.
Can control characters with mouse pointer
asessment every action discussion you make assessment it worked or it didn't work
going away with knowledge-if it worked or not

mathblaster-immediate assessment
respect intellectual property need to give credit
what is traction today
for hyperconnected learners use real world to teset their knowledge

blogging their classmates are reading what they are writing
motivates them to write it is responsive mode of communication

newtok digital information

people taling online hwo myuch are they
google turned in into question asking culture

kids are hyperconnected might say they are distracted
ask Q's about the answers you find
vdieo games environments start small q themeselves

grammar does it matter?
It is a tool that has value to their ideas
learned because was in a responsive environment
world war craft game
do things because it was valuable they will invest themselves

insprires personal investment provokes conversation
purpose of school
succeed by getting it wrong
begin to think what went wrong how you learn in real world
becoming more playful as a culture

DoodleBuzz-keyworkd searches latest news

perosn did it because it was fun
can formal learning be make learning experience talk back to the learners how can we?

How can they share knowledge mistakes should feed the learning dialogue
make children future ready
what you can teach yourself
not race to the top
joyfully discovering
and initiating the future

surprise me
math and the first year netbooks

all students have google docs

all freshman teachers have taken tech 1

10 inch models

compact and fit in their books bags -they got an extra battery

operating system choice- would prefer tablets for math

wireless issues – broken miscellaneous issues
spare laptops or they work in pairs and have back up plan
kids prepared before school – did not really happened. Limited mastery -password issues
forgotten passwords etc.

assume they know nothing-
solution- more helpers -before school roll out
need to train them email etc.
need to be better prepared before school

collaboration time for one to one initiative -try to make it one thing to focus- must collaborate the use of netbooks otherwise they will not be used more often

2-3 days have a mandatory tech class so they know how to use the technology

effective methods
do not try to do everything
kids get confused
be selective – use one thing and use it successfully -dont feel pressure if others are using it. Tech will take longer

half of the laptop will not work takes longer when using technology
use pairs as much as possible. Addresses many issue like falling behind.
If one does not work then they can look on to the other partners netbook

Part of the beginning, middle and end of the class. Warm up quiz in the beginning. Collaborative worksheet work together. Exit slip like polleverywhere or questionpressn as an exit activity.

Dont have to use it everyday. It is a tool and you just try to integrate it if it can.

How to transition between activities. Have them out before the bell rings. Somehow the kids should know they have to have it ready to go before the class starts. Open and shutting is a problem. Just have them turn the computer around when not in use. Dont have a way to monitor their laptops. Just have rules for the classroom. They just walk around to look at them.
Four 4's Problem
all can write on it became a problem in google docs
limiting their scopes by grouping and organizing it so they are not all typing at the same time.

Electronic Worksheets
individually pullout the handout . They make a copy of the handout and then they share that document.

Polls QuestionPress-not free

QuizGrader -can make math quizzes

inrock-hypocampus -online math text books -have homework problems

Skills Practice -Classzone.com
Dynamic Algebra Investigations – Geogebra + Applets

kids will get lost if you place some stuff in one place and use another for other stuff.

MOODLE -can link assignment to the calendar

you will be learning the whole year so prepare for mistakes

polleverywhere http://www.polleverywhere.com/


elmos record videos


anymeeting.com (free videoconferencing)

kids dont like having a text book.


have videos on lessons
math and science

Khan Academy

he is not a math teacher but he is good at math. You can invite them to find mistakes
green is good. Teacher is a coach. Teacher assigns the problems or unit. Teacher can see student progress. They log in with their email and you can check their progress. Green is good. Has hints for kids. If not doing well, you can watch a video.

Flipped classroom – teach lesson they go home and do homework not right so they do it again
new model -they watch the lecture in video and then they practice in school. They can rewind it and practice done at school with teacher as coach.

Wolfram Alpha -type math question and it give you the answer. Sometimes it will show you the steps to finding the answers.

tech literacy is improving
typing math -not sure how this is done.
Has our initiative improved math skills? Need to keep in mind.