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Read over the information about games to get an overview of what a game is and then watch the tutorials near the middle of the page. Check out some more game resources listed at the end.

Look for other game programs near the bottom of this page
Learning Target: I can design, develop and create a computer game using GameSalad or any other game designing software like Unity and Sploder.

What Makes A Game

The main components of designing a game are:

1. Graphics-the visual presentation of the game

2. Game Mechanics-elements the player is actually engaged with in the game

3. Audio-the additional feedback. The Core of a game is the Game Mechanics.

Pikmin is an example -"Pikmin is a 3D, top-down, strategy game, with the player controlling Captain Olimar from a third-person viewpoint. Olimar is followed by the Pikmin, whom he directs. Both Olimar and the Pikmin are approximately an inch in height." ---- Wikipedia - main character a miniature alien - navigating a terrain -brings wonder to an environment we take for granted - use everyday items like logs

Mushroom Men - Another game - theme example


Where do you begin when designing a game?

The Design Process: Anything can inspire a game: life, TV, Movies, emotions can inspire a game. All these things can inspire the elements in a game. Explore a lot of options. If it can work on paper, it can probably work on screen. Copying from the classics is a great way to learn. Drawings help visualize game play scenarios-making paper prototypes. See the examples below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.34.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.36.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.36.34 AM.png

What are the things your game has to have?

Game Genre & Style:


Action- Ball and Paddle, combat, maze
Adventure-goal to a mystery or to figure a way out of a series of predicaments -Pokemon
Compilation-Can be action, educational, or general - Racing, puzzle, shooter,
Educational-training, quiz games spelling, test preparation
Fighting-basically fighting games that involve kicking, punching, special movement
Home-movies, music, art, health and fitness
Puzzle-Action, adventure and maze puzzles
Racing-aircraft, monster trucks, drag racing, bicycling, and go kart
Role-playing-supports many players at once in a virtual community or world
Shooter-shooting gallery, involve real life shooting
Simulation-naval combat, space combat world building
Sports-variety of sports like baseball, cricket, fishing, tennis football
Strategy-games that involve enemies that attack in waves
Traditional-board game like, jigsaw puzzle, tile games, word games

Game Objectives -Watch this PPT

Game design is an art and science-play games so you get ideas and it helps to study other designer's methods

Patience -You will probably fail more times than you will succeed and that is normal. Learn from your design choices and Don't give up. Games are fun and awesome.

GameSalad Tutorial: A Beginner's Quick Start Guide


1. Download_Installing-MAC.mp4


2. CreatingOpening-MAC.mp4


3. HomeOverview-MAC.mp4







7. Attributes

8_Movement, Jump, Right, Left




10_Music-Working with Music in GameSalad.mp4


SeaSprint Video Preview

Other Game Resources

MIT APP Inventor


Pixel Press -turns pictures into games

GameMaker for PC and MAC

Sploder -Make your own games
10 Free Game Development Tools and Other Resources
Gamestar Mechanics What is Gamestar Mechanics? Tutorials

Resources: wall.pngclown.pngbackground.png



Video -for beginners

The first thing you need to learn in Unity
Get answers and support from the Unity Community
How to connect your GameObjects in Unity
Free and affordable assets for your game
4 Key Concepts for your work with Unity
Get help from experienced Unity users
Introduction to roll a ball
Learning in 5 Lessons
Creating Collectable Objects
Building the Game-for multiple platforms

YOYO Games
001 Games Creator
Game Develop
Super Mario Flash